Welcome, thanks for looking at my blog, and being interested enough to investigate who I am!

I’m Richard, and I studied Mechatronics Engineering, and graduated in 2016. I’ve been working as a design engineer since early 2015, designing “basic” mechanical structures and electronics. As well as being my job, engineering (mostly electronics) is my hobby, so I’m always trying to improve my skills in the area.

As I learn new skills, tips or techniques, I’d like to document them so I can go back to them later and remember what I’ve forgotten. Currently I document some procedures, but generally think I’ll remember. I frequently think back and realise I didn’t remember.

This is where my blog comes in; it gives me an outlet to document these techniques and to share them with whoever is interested.

The posts themselves will likely be intermittent. It could be days, weeks, months, hopefully not years, but we’ll see how it goes. Some will be written when I’m fully awake and others while tired (so could have a few grammar or spelling issues).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the blog and my ramblings. The posts will mostly be electrical but sometimes mechanical, sometimes software, and other times, things I haven’t thought of while writing this….